Bus Tour & Midtown

You have arrived in New York and you’re ready to explore – where to begin you ask? Easy! To gain an impression of the city and what you might want to explore further in the coming 7 days, we definitely recommend the Bug Bus Tour Big Bus Tour that starts in midtown Manhattan. This is a hop on hop off bus tour, meaning that if you drive past something you want to explore more, you can do so freely before getting back on the bus and continuing your tour. The downtown loop (red route) will go past spots like, Times Square, Soho & Little Italy, and Wall Street. You can also later switch to the uptown loop (blue route) which will allow you to explore Central Park & Columbus Circle, Lincoln Center, and the Met! The hop on hop off bus tour is a great way to start your trip, its an efficient and cosrt effective way to see as much as possible in a day, as well as find your bearings in New York.

day 1
9/11 Memorial & The High Line

Day 2 of the 7 day New York will begin with one of New York’s favorite meals..BRUNCH! See below for what restaurants we recommend to kickstart your day in the Meatpacking district. From here the best place to start exploring for the day is the New York High Line. There are of course also tours available here. The high line is a beautiful park that has been built on an abandoned section of railway tracks above the city, allowing for a combination of nature and spectacular city views. This will take you through the Chelsea and Meatpacking districts and past the Whitney Museum of American Artwhich is another great attraction to stop at.

day 2
Brooklyn Bridge & DUMBO

It’s time to explore Brooklyn! This beautiful and trendy part of town is the place to be. It may not be as big as Manhattan, but don’t worry there is just as much to do and see. If you can or have the time, we suggest spending 2 days here to make sure you see all of the amazing things in this part of town! Of course we recommend you start with the iconic Brooklyn Bridge. Not only can you walk and bike over this bridge, but you can also enjoy Brooklyn Bridge park and the amazing views across the water to downtown Manhattan.

day 3
Astoria & Long Island City

7 days in New York truly gives you time to explore each borough if you are up for it. On day 4 we recommend to head out to Queens! Two of the most popular parts of Queens are Astoria and Long Island City. These areas are loaded with great restaurants bars and a beautiful park. This is a great day for a more laid back feel after the 3 busy days prior. You can stroll through Astoria and and take a walk along the water in Long Island City, and enjoy the food and drinks at the locations we have recommended below. To get into the area you will either want to take an Uber or get on the yellow line and take the Nor W train.

day 4
Harlem & NY Botanical Gardens

On the 5th day of your NYC trip we recommend you head towards uptown Manhattan! Harlem, Washington Heights, and the Bronx all have so much culture and beauty to offer. History, sports, walking trails, and various types of food are all available here. To start, Harlem begins right at the tip of Central Park. Definitely start by checking out the Harlem Meer and taking a stroll along the beautiful lakes. From here on out, our tip is to stay on the West side of Harlem when you are unfamiliar with the area. Further uptown in Washington Heights you will find more nature and green space along the Hudson River. There is a great path that runs along the entire West side where you will find people running, biking.

day 5
Central Park & Colombus Circle

Now any of these days from our New York itinerary can be done in any order, we just wanted to give you a guideline of all there is to see in the city as well as ideas on how to save. By day 6 you’re probably thinking how much more is there to do? Well, you still have one of the best parks to visit! Central Park is home to the largest amount of green space in Manhattan. While you can take bike tours and walking tours, there is so much that goes on in Central Park we are not sure we can tell list it all for you! You will see picnics, parties, runners, bikers, horse and carriages, a zoo, lakes, boats, historic landmarks, stages, and the list goes on and on! Take it all in while you are there! When you are ready to leave the park, there are a couple of landmarks close by that you should definitely visit. To the West of the park you will find museum mile. A few of the most popular museums here are the American Museum of Natural History, The Met, and the Guggenheim Museum. Regardless of which museum you chose, you’re guaranteed to have an amazing and immersive experience in each one. Afterwards, you can head towards Columbus Circle for some shopping, or towards Upper West Side, Upper East Side, or towards Times Square.

day 6
Brooklyn & Williamsburg

Day 7 of our New York itinerary may be the last but it is definitely not the least! Now we said that you may need two days in Brooklyn to cover it all, which is why you can head out towards Williamsburg. We have a couple more favorite attractions to tell you about there. The first place we recommend you visit is Prospect Park! Prospect Park is home to a smaller green space than Central Park, but it is just as beautiful. On Sunday’s this is where Brooklyn’s famous Smorgasburg is held. Smorgasburg is a food festival that is held during the warmer months on the weekends. Saturday’s it is in Williamsburg and on Sunday it is in Prospect Park. Another favorite to visit is the Brooklyn Museum. This museum is home to over 1.5 million works and is know for it’s expansive collection of Egyptian and African art. And last but not least, Brooklyn’s Botanic Garden! Enjoy the 52 acres of pure bliss!

day 7